Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Gay men on loan at the library

A library in the Netherlands will be loaning people out 45 minutes at a time to further understanding. The loanees in question are gay men, lesbians, gypsies, muslims, asylum seekers and a poor peson on government assitance. I think this is a wondeful idea that should be spread to other places around the world, even here in Philadelphia. It is hard to hate somebody when you see them as a human being.

Some have pointed out that sex is likely the biggest motivator for checking someone out but gay Turkish men can touch lives in many ways. Nobody should be surprised at the possible video date quality of the meetings. It is unlikely a neo-nazi skinhead would sit across from a gay man or a muslim for 45 minutes. No matter how it turns out most of the encounters will likely be preaching to the choir but sonetimes they are the ones who need the most preaching. They do not recognize their own prejudice because they are too busy pointing it out in others.

Despite its potential flaws at least it is an attempt at dialogue unlike Gerald Allen's prescription for Alabama. I say bring on the young Turks.