Monday, July 31, 2006

The evils of video games proven ...

... not quite but close. Ronaldinho the Brazilian phenom who took leisurely strolls through the finest stadiums in Germany in the last World Cup is using marathon sex and PS2 sessions as an excuse for his lackluster performance. He had to give some excuse when the sports rags and blogs point out that he plays harder for Barca than he's ever played for his country. This would have been the end of it had a playboy editor not done any detective work on the model who contacted the tabloids. Which led others to question whether she even exists.

The excuse is interesting because it reinforces the meme of the selfish, testosterone drenched sports stud. The idea that he would put winning the world cup at risk to sneak off to his girlfriends place for sex and to play a simulation of the same world cup is a little odd. Naturally the ultra macho stance makes some suspicious that he is hiding something. Maybe not like MAX but maybe like Esera Tualo. Personally, if he couldn't take off from sleeping with his girlfriend or boyfriend for a month to lead his team to the biggest championship in sports he shouldn't be on the pitch for Brazil 4 years from now. Although, from past experience I could see why he wouldn't come out if he has anything to come out about.

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